Looking into the future

Our Projection For 2022/2023 Crop Season

First Sky Commodities’ projection for the 2022/23 crop season is to increase its total purchases to 20,000 metric tonnes of cocoa. First Sky Commodities, a member of the First Sky Group, is also investing in the cocoa value chain that seeks to add value to Ghana’s cocoa and increase revenue to the state. In this regard, the company has entered into a joint venture agreement with MDC Netherlands BV to establish a cocoa processing plant in Ghana.

The plant will be situated in the Western Region, specifically at Beahu in Takoradi, for the processing of 25,000 metric tonnes of cocoa annually. It is expected that beyond the value addition and increased revenue that should accrue to the state, the siting of the plant would also create hundreds of jobs, significantly reducing unemployment levels through provision of employment and help reduce the burden of the government.